The experts at Allen Communication solve business problems with beautiful custom learning solutions. We bring creativity into instructional design. For more than three decades, we have built programs that impact the world’s best companies by improving human performance. Our experts create training that does things you didn’t know training could do. We change behaviors and influence choices. We build better training. 

That’s what we do.


But at our core, Allen Communication is a company that cares about people. What really drives every interaction, every design and every choice is people. From whom we hire to how we work, our first thought is finding the right fit.

We hire experts. We want to work with people who love what they do and are great at it, and you do, too. By hiring the best, we make sure you get the best possible solution for your needs. Our learning and development experts understand your business goals and learner needs, and care about finding the answer that’s right for you.

Allen Communication’s instructional designers and artists deliver creative solutions across multiple mediums that make you rethink training. Whether in the smallest detail or the overall design, you see how much thought and care we put into the people behind each project. We love what we do, and you see the results.

Allen Communication's designs are built on storytelling, design and interaction
Group shot of Allen Communication employees at the coffee house with our Execs on the side

As learning and development experts, we create strategies and ideas that focus on investing in value rather than media, experience over awareness, and ultimately build communities rather than purely completing a training.

Working with an in-house network of best-in-field designers and artists, we are able to deliver creative solutions for short or long-term projects across multiple mediums.

Today, we continue our tradition on a global scale with custom solutions that reach millions of learners in countries around the world. Contact one of our learning directors to see the Allen Communication difference and explore how we can create award-winning learning programs for you.


Hardware isn’t everything. (But it sure is nice.)

In the past few years, Allen Communication has earned more than 100 top industry awards, for us and on behalf of our amazing clients. Our trophy case includes recognitions for top training company, top learning technology, and best custom content. And that’s just the start of the list.

With awards like that, you can see why Allen has earned a reputation as the go-to people for critical learning projects. Allen has your back when that career-defining, high-visibility project is on the line. And we’ve got the hardware to show for it.

Take a look through our portfolio or award-winning programs.

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