As self-directed online trading becomes more prevalent among the younger generation, financial advisors could see an estimated 66% of their managed assets depart through wealth transfer. To stay relevant in a changing market, our client recognized the need for financial advisors to shift from a transactional sales approach to a more consultative or service-based approach. The company’s challenge was helping its financial advisors see how the new approach would strengthen their client relationships and increase the success of their practice, and they needed results in three months.


To help the company’s financial advisors change the way they interacted with clients with such a tight deadline, the AllenComm team prioritized customizable, learner-focused content. We designed and developed a series of digital workbooks that inspired veteran financial advisors to take charge of their training. With an interactive roadmap as their guide, the learners were able to identify personal challenges, collaborate with other learners, and create action plans to meet their individual goals. Because of the course’s inherent flexibility, we were also able to adapt this framework to include all of the company’s products. As the company wanted this training course to be optional, AllenComm also crafted activities that kept the learner’s interest and could also be completed in small chunks, at the learner’s pace—we created something on which long-time employees wanted to spend time.


Working together, AllenComm and the global financial services provider established best practices for 14,000 financial advisors. The training facilitated changes in the way financial advisors perceived their role while strengthening their relationships in a way that led to practice expansion and a significant increase in client retention.

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