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AllenComm Meets Key Milestones in Learning and Training Development for 2022

This year, AllenComm successfully navigated turbulent conditions in the training industry to continue to provide highly scalable and impactful custom learning and training solutions. AllenComm customers in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations are experiencing significant positive operational impacts in their quest to change the employee experience through use of innovative employee onboarding, leadership, and compliance training. 

Salt Lake City, UT. December 2022. As the year comes to a close, the team at AllenComm is pleased and grateful to announce an impactful end of 2022. Over the course of the last 12 months, our full-service, multi-disciplinary teams proudly worked on 368 total ongoing projects, with 191 completed, for clients representing more than 70 organizations in varied industries. We onboarded 20 new clients that selected our team based on domain expertise in the design, delivery, and deployment of employee training development. With more than three-quarters (75%) of our existing clients continuing to work with us into 2022, we are grateful for the trust we have earned in the multiple industries we serve. Our ongoing relationships, some of them spanning decades, are a testament to our abilities to meet rapidly changing needs for training and human capital development

AllenComm CEO Ron Zamir explained, “In a year in which so many companies are dealing with a turbulent economic market, we are proud of our team members that have stepped up to provide more choice to our customers across multiple industries. AllenComm continues to use its domain expertise in learning and development to provide scalable and impactful training services to our customers.”

In 2022, our employee development and training solutions reached 10,000,000+ learners, with more than 5,000+ hours of eLearning created. Our team worked on award-winning solutions to meet the challenges of remote work, onboard employees to scale, and bridge skills gaps to help employees meet the demands of changing market conditions and unforeseen challenges. We developed impactful leadership training, and compliance training that enabled greater levels of excellence and quality.

AllenComm Chief Learning Officer Anna Sargsyan said this year AllenComm also made it a priority to play an even greater role in serving the Learning and Development (L&D) community.  We have worked hard to validate our design approach, which is rooted in understanding that learning experiences can change employee behaviors. Our in-house team and consultants around the country have been recognized this year with 21 industry awards, and 38 client awards. Once again in 2022 the industry has recognized our dedication to provide the best instructional design resources and technology experts to our clients.

For more information on our services, mission, portfolio, and awards, please reach out to info@allencomm or through our website.

About AllenComm

For 40 years, AllenComm has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to create and scale transformative learning solutions. Extensive instructional design experience, innovative learning technologies, and agency-level creative teams enable AllenComm to stand out in the learning landscape. Considered one of the top ten firms for developing innovative learning experience, AllenComm wins over 40 awards year after year for their solutions. Partnering with AllenComm to supplement and support human capital management needs has helped customers reduce expenses, shorten onboarding periods, and raise the impact of sales and compliance efforts.