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Employee Onboarding Training Ebook

Learn How AllenComm Elevates Your Employee Onboarding

According to Merriam-Webster, onboarding is the process by which a new employee learns the ropes and gets settled in. Facilitators and participants of an employee onboarding program know that the reality of onboarding is much more involved than its dictionary definition implies. The idea of bringing someone on board to work in a specific role draws parallels to a passenger boarding an airplane. Once passengers board the plane, the flight staff welcomes them and introduces them to the airplane’s safety and emergency procedures before everyone aboard launches toward their destination with their personal items securely stowed. 

Corporations face similar challenges with onboarding new hires. Not only do they need to familiarize them with the policies and procedures of their new workplace, but they’re also responsible for helping them understand the company culture while simultaneously helping them feel welcome within that culture. They must set expectations, ensure the person understands their role, and what they need to do in order to be happy and productive on their journey with the organization. 

In this document, we’ve gathered the most pertinent insights and research to help you understand and implement a successful onboarding process for your company. Make sure your tray table and seat back is in the upright and locked position, we’re about to take off.

This eBook Includes the Employee Onboarding Matrix