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Use Performance Mapping to Improve a Hybrid Workplace

Do you have a hybrid workforce that includes both remote and in-office employees? Could you use tips to help improve resources and connectivity for your hybrid workforce? If so, you should consider conducting a needs analysis and using performance mapping as you intentionally build or redesign your processes to meet the needs of the new hybrid workforce.

Currently, many organizations are taking a second look at the remote workplace created during the pandemic. Leadership, HR, and L&D teams are all looking at ways to improve the user experience, support teamwork between remote employees and those moving back to the workplace (either in a full or part-time flexible capacity) and codify hybrid processes. In each of these cases, conducting a needs analysis and using the performance mapping process can help improve the chances for a successful transition to the workplace of the future.

How? Performance mapping helps to identify needs your workforce has in the following areas:

  • Communication: What modes of communication will be most effective and engaging?
  • Learning Style: Does your team need digital resources to supplement their workflow? How about in-person meeting and training times, or is your digital communication effective?
  • Behavioral and Process Enhancements: What changes should be made to processes to ensure all employees are connected, and what behavioral changes should be made to benefit the bottom line of the organization?
  • Motivation: What would potentially increase engagement and buy-in for your team to perform in ways that benefit your organization?
  • Accessibility: Are there currently any barriers for either remote or in-office employees that are hindering workflow and team performance?

These are just some of the questions you can (and should) answer with your needs analysis and performance mapping process. From there, you’ll want to use your performance map to guide the next steps as you intentionally restructure your hybrid workflow to ensure the success of your workforce going forward.

Performance Mapping as a Guide for Building the Hybrid Workplace

Does your L&D team have the resources to perform the performance mapping process? You may create a more informal set of guidelines, based on internal direction from leadership. Not every organization will spend time to perform a complete needs analysis leading to performance mapping. But the time spent is well worth the investment, in that you increase your chance of success long term.

Ideally, your performance map will include recommendations based on the questions above – and answer other questions you may have. It will also be informed by best practices recommended by instructional designers, teaching professionals, or someone with expertise in education theory.

Someone in your L&D department may have those skills, or you may decide to bring in a performance support consultant to help develop your guidelines. Either way, it’s an invaluable process to tailor and customize your processes to meet the needs of your hybrid workforce.