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Set the Stage for Your Most Successful Product Launch

Before you launch a new product or service to the world, you have to educate and sell your product to the sales channel. Specialized sales enablement strengthens your company’s position, and instills confidence in those who sell your products. As the old adage goes, “people sell what they know,” so you need to ensure they know as much as possible.

We help you ensure your sales, customer service, and sales channels know as much as possible for sucess. For example, one of our consumer manufacturing clients recently achieved a 300% increase in engagement, which set the stage for the most successful product launch in that company’s history.

Accomplishing this type of success requires a partner that brings innovation, scale, and credibility to the design and deployment of any training solution. That’s where AllenComm comes in.

AllenComm provides the experience, the talent, and the passion to help you get critical buy-in and support from your organization, your sales channel, and your customers. We help your training team provide the content and learner experience that enables your organization to scale and transform the way you educate their learners. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the largest brands in the world.


We’ve built hundreds of solutions for companies for everything from new product training to ongoing sales enablement including:

  • A gamified portal that enables friendly competition amongst sales teams
  • Specialized micro-learning and mobile modules for use by direct and channel sales teams
  • Classroom and event-based simulations for sales management-led training
  • Innovative use of 360 video and VR/AR applications for training on new product and services


We believe the success of any product and service training solution is predicated on thinking outside the conventions of traditional learning. Our unique collaborative design process helps you think outside the box, transforming the way your classroom and web instruction is experienced and delivered.


Our training solutions have helped organizations achieve results they otherwise thought  impossible including increasing content consumption by as high as 400%, increase Net Promoter Scores by more than 30%, achieving a three-fold decrease in new hire onboarding times, and a 200% increase in channel engagement. What’s more, AllenComm has won hundreds of industry awards for content, media, and instructional learning. Our sales enablement solutions do more than just increase your team’s product knowledge or onboard new sales executives. We help you create strategies to influence and engage with your teams, then we take it one step further and connect your values with purpose and direction to ensure the greatest longterm positive impact on your sales performance. And when it comes to sales enablement, the goal isn’t to get just one sale; the goal is to secure a life-long customer.

Sales Enablement Training Examples

  • New product knowledge
  • Value selling skills
  • Advanced sales leadership
  • Channel sales enablement
  • New sales executive training

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Sales Training