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Get the Most Out of Customized Content

You’re not the only one excited when you find out about a can of Coke with your name printed on the side. Whether it’s our soft drinks or our social networks, personalization is something consumers have come to expect, and the trend towards custom content is here to stay. These days, people appreciate content and products that are personalized or hyper-relevant to their needs. We’ve grown to expect a certain level of understanding and recognition from everything that we interact with.

Corporate training is no different. In our industry, the ability to customize content is paramount to building the course you need to achieve your goals. Customized content has the potential to make your brand stand out as relatable and “with it.” It can also be overwhelming and endlessly irritating to try to figure out.  There are a few things you can do to make the process easier for everyone.

Custom Content: Prioritizing what Learners Need to Know

The ever-so-classic counsel to “begin at the end” is a piece of advice designers could dish out in spades.  It’s the surest way to make sure your course stays on track, actually gets to the points you want your learners to know, and answers to the gaps in understanding that led you to create a course in the first place.

Ask yourself what you want your learners to be able to do by the end of the course and work back from there. Once you have a clear idea of just what needs to be accomplished, you’ll have an easier time coming up with a framework that flows from point to point seamlessly.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment: Choose a Partner Who can Give You What You Want

You’ll want to work with someone who’s done this before, but someone who still maintains loyalty to your creative vision. The team at AllenComm is full of experts in maintaining this balance. Below are some of the ways we can answer your customizability questions.

AllenComm offers complete and total customizability to clients. Our Learning Portal is a Learning Management System (LMS), but also much more. You may host any courses or resources you like because Learning Portal can integrate with any other LMS. The portal allows you to customize your learners’ experience, from start to finish.

By way of course creation, AllenComm uses a custom designing process made to adapt to your parameters. Design Lab, for example, was created to allow complete creative control, making your training an uninterrupted extension of your brand.

In addition to courses that are tailor-made, AllenComm developed Siteline, a platform that combines information with in-person context. AR/VR/3D technology assists in creating training or support that gets learners even closer to real-life scenarios or processes. Siteline gives you the flexibility to design your learner’s experience, even as they step away from the computer and into their workspace.

The weight of infinite possibilities need not overwhelm you, at least when it comes to building courses. If you can narrow down what you want your courses to accomplish, and work with a responsive team, you can create something significant for your learners and add value to your business at the same time.