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Episode 2: Marketing Meets Training

Episode 2: Marketing Meets Training

In the second episode of AllenComm’s Building Better Training podcast, we talk to Jeri Larsen and Bridget Fowers from Allen’s consulting and marketing teams. This episode covers the intersection of marketing and training and will help you understand how and why the two are converging.

Jeri and Bridget explain:

  • How and why marketing and training departments should be working together.
  • Why your training ought to look good.
  • Where to spend the money if your budget is tight.
  • The credibility of good design.
  • Strengths of both groups.
  • Using marketing to educate consumers.
  • Why you should invest in marketing-style learning for your employees.

We hope this helps you understand ways to leverage departments across your organization to make your training even more effective.

What are you doing to engage your learners? How will you reach out to other departments?