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Empowering Senior Drivers through Education: ADEPT Driver and Allen Communication earn an ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation

Empowering Senior Drivers through Education: ADEPT Driver and Allen Communication earn an ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation

Lifelong Driver®, a community-facing safety driving course, earns recognition for its performance improvement practices and simulation-based innovation.

LifeLongDriverSALT LAKE CITY (March 12, 2014)ADEPT Driver and Allen Communication Learning Services have been recognized with an ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation for Lifelong Driver, a science-based driver safety program that is increasing awareness and reducing accidents and fatalities involving senior drivers.  The program was built with cutting-edge technology including real-life simulations which incorporate video feeds from a six-camera, car-mounted video platform, to simulate the driving experience and create a program that measurably improves driving behaviors. The evaluation committee recognized the Lifelong Driver program for its strong evaluation plan, ability to meet a demonstrated need, and appropriate design values.

Senior drivers make up the fastest growing segment of the driving population, expected to jump from 30 million drivers in 2005 to 70 million by 2030. This fact brings with it some sobering statistics: per mile driven, drivers 75 and older have higher rates of fatal automobile crashes than any other age group except teenagers. Although some of these crashes are the result of declining physical and mental abilities in the elderly, many could be prevented through training that increases seniors’ visual awareness and focus.

To develop the Lifelong Driver course, ADEPT Driver and Allen conducted intense research including user experience focus groups, functionality testing and technical integration analysis to determine that many critical adult learning factors were being ignored by other older driver safety programs. Allen’s experience with complex video simulations allowed ADEPT and Allen to deliver a program with both strong instructional design and advanced technology.

“We are honored that ASTD has recognized Lifelong Driver as an Excellence in Practice Citation Winner. With every driver that takes the program we are reaching our goal of improving mature driver behavior and reducing car crashes.” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver.  The program has been successful: across nearly all key performance objectives, initial testing has shown success rates of 90% and higher—an extraordinary result given the challenges inherent in highly complex, online simulations.

ADEPT Driver and Allen set out to address senior driving with a program that would engage their mature audience’s learning preferences. Their commitment to detailed analysis, prototyping, and technical innovation allowed them to build effective simulations that measurably improve driver performance. Lifelong Driver has done just that, with the goal to extend freedom of mobility for senior drivers and reduce collision rates. However, the program has grown beyond its original objective and has opened up a dialog to not only encourage seniors to improve their driving skills but to embark upon a program of lifelong learning.

“Lifelong Driver stands out as an excellent learning practice because of the first-of-its-kind approach to senior adult training,” said Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen Communication. “ADEPT’s investment in strong instructional design and effective simulation technology has ensured that its program delivers better results to its users than any other program of its kind.”

The Lifelong Driver program is currently being distributed by insurance providers, safety associations and state institutions, as well as ADEPT Driver’s website.

About ADEPT Driver

Founded in 1995, ADEPT Driver’s mission is to deliver science-based training that significantly reduces auto collisions. With a team of renowned doctors and behavioral scientists, insurance industry leaders and traffic-safety experts, the organization began conducting cutting-edge research to identify critical behaviors and skills that empirically relate to auto collisions for drivers of all ages.

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