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Allencomm Recognized as a Top Provider With Industry Award for Content Development

We’re pleased to announce that AllenComm has received yet another award, with the recent announcement that we’ve been included on a list of top industry eLearning services providers for our work in employee training and development programs. 

Once again this year, AllenComm was named a Top eLearning Content Development Company for 2024 by eLearning Industry. AllenComm was added to the annual list of Best eLearning Content Development Companies based on criteria including:

  • Company’s economic growth potential
  • Company’s social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Innovation in the learning industry
  • Quality of eLearning Content Delivery
  • Expertise in learning solutions

The award was designed to recognize a consistently high level of performance, as well as the consistency to deliver excellence and impact to clients.

“It is clear that these companies are motivated not only by financial success but by something deeper: customer trust and loyalty. These businesses have a strong, purpose-driven company culture and they truly take care of their customers.” -Christopher Pappas, eLearning Industry

This award, as well as AllenComm’s inclusion on the list, is yet another indicator of our drive to provide the scale, impact, and innovation needed to provide transformative solutions for our clients. We never take for granted our opportunities to work with our amazing clients, customers and partners.

You can read our eLearning Top eLearning Content Development Company description here, and find customer reviews left on site here.