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Allencomm Wins Industry Accolades for Superior Onboarding Training Programs

AllenComm’s ability to produce innovative onboarding learning solutions that lead to transformative results is getting attention from the analysts, trend watchers, and strategists that measure performance insights in the industry.

In just the last two years alone, AllenComm has earned multiple major awards and was recognized (repeatedly) as a leader in impactful learning experience design for our work on a major onboarding training solution created for an aviation industry heavyweight. The awards demonstrate our domain expertise in onboarding training solutions that innovate to provide scalable, measurable impact for our clients.

In 2022 and 2023, AllenComm received Gold medals at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards in the categories:

  • Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy for Learning and Development” and
  • Best New Hire Onboarding Program for Talent Acquisition

“Creating industry-recognized, best-in-class solutions is what clients expect from AllenComm. Winning these two gold Brandon Hall Awards, and winning them 2 years in a row, is a testament to our commitment to our clients’ vision to be the best they can be for their employees,” said Ron Zamir, AllenComm CEO.

The project recognized with the awards was truly a leap forward in the onboarding training programs offered to newly hired customer service representatives hired to quickly scale and provide top-level service at the airline in the new industry post-pandemic. In order to scale and focus on the best learning experience for its employees, the international airline sought a blended learning onboarding solution that would improve service levels, while reducing overall onboarding training seat times. The objectives were to elevate customer satisfaction, ignite new hire motivation, streamline training timelines, increase self-assurance, and provide comprehensive guidance for trainers during self-paced and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) sessions.

Responding with confidence, AllenComm quickly scaled internal resources and formed a dedicated project team that seamlessly collaborated with airline teams and subject matter experts. The joint effort included revising existing content, identifying gaps for new skill-focused material, and delivering a new hire onboarding solution that had new representatives taking calls earlier in their training for an experience-based learning program.

Ultimately, the AllenComm learning solution produced measurable results. In 2022, the training capacity at the airline increased by 207%; in 2023 that number climbed to 521%. The overall onboarding program seat time decreased by 5 days in the first year, and by 21 days in 2023. Productivity increased by 19%, and customer service resolution increased by 5 points, and satisfaction by 2 points. In the first five weeks after the program was launched, customer service capacity increased by 19,000 phone hours.

AllenComm is one of the most recognized corporate training companies year after year, and has won awards across every category in the industry. These include development of scalable onboarding programs for new hires, innovative learning strategies, custom content, technology integration, and staffing and workforce solutions.

For a complete list of awards, please visit our website here. And for more information and to speak to an AllenComm representative regarding employee onboarding and leadership training solutions, please contact us at [email protected].