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Onboarding Webinar

Onboarding Overhaul: 5 Tips to Transform Your Training

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Typical training methods only scratch the surface of effective onboarding. Discover how to deliver training and support tools for real business impact. In this session you’ll learn to:

  1. Tighten up your content
  2. Leverage learner energy to jump-start the experience
  3. Capture your learners’ emotions
  4. Use only what drives behavior change
  5. Deliver an ongoing, dynamic learning environment beyond onboarding


Anne Allen

Anne Allen is an award-winning performance consultant at AllenComm in Salt Lake City. Anne goes beyond training to implement long-term business solutions for Fortune 500 companies. With a passion to engage learners and shatter the norm, Anne collaborates with L&D departments nationwide to spark excitement and confidence in their employees. Her experience ranges from creating thought-provoking, instructor-led compliance training for millennials to cutting-edge web-based experiences for clinicians.

Shannon Herrera

Shannon Herrera is an award-winning senior designer at AllenComm in Salt Lake City. Motivated to help people learn and get better at their jobs, Shannon has worked in the corporate training realm for over 15 years and obtained her master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University. During her time at AllenComm, Shannon has helped Fortune 500 companies create innovative and engaging online and instructor-led training to help them meet the changing demands of their workforce.

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