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See How Quiet Leadership Institute is Strengthening Companies

Video about the Allen Communication partnership with Quiet Leadership Institute

One of Allen’s latest projects has been a partnership with Quiet. Following the success of Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking and her TED talk on the same subject, Susan got tens of thousands of emails from people who felt like someone understood them and their needs and personalities. One of the commonalities in their messages was a desire that people in their workplace could also better understand introverts. Many spoke of workplaces built around the strengths of extroverts that made it hard for them to express complementary introverted skills.

This led Susan to co-found Quiet Revolution, which led to the Quiet Leadership Institute (QLI). We sat down with QLI CEO Mike Erwin to talk about why QLI was created, how it empowers all employees (not just introverts), and how that leads to more productivity and better business results. See how QLI combines elearning with elements like rich media, videos, gamification, knowledge checks, and real-world applications. After you watch the video, read about how Quiet Leadership is making an impact on organizations like NASA and the Royal Netherlands Air Force.