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An Instructional Designer’s Case for Consumer Education

Why is instructional design becoming increasingly important to consumer education? In the past months, we’ve been focused on how consumer education is creating a new marketing landscape. Since we regularly work with the best-known brands on over 100 projects each year, we’re often able to track movements in the training world. We have seen several […]

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Consumers and Cognitive Load: The Telling Tale of the Infographic

During my brief stint as a university instructor, my views of students conflicted with my students’ views of themselves. In my idealism, I viewed students as humble benefactors of the gift of education. In their pragmatism, my students viewed themselves as consumers, and why not—they were paying for their education, right? However, some students thought […]

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Six Questions You Need to Ask About Your Consumer Education Strategy

Many brands realize that consumer education is a powerful way to attract and serve their customers. And given the latest research on the clear benefits of educating consumers, the competition to deliver the best experiences is heating up. No company wants to wake up to a reality that its competitors have taken control of the […]

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Allen’s New Home – A Few Thoughts on Creating a World-Class Learning Design Center

When writing blogs, I usually don’t talk directly about Allen. Since we’re fortunate to work as a leader in a dynamic industry with so many opportunities—mobile and social learning, developments in consumer education, technological innovations, just to name a few—I tend to focus on industry issues and analysis generally. However, for this blog, there’s good […]

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Link’spiration June 9th – Augmented Reality

Link’spiration – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections What if there’s more to the world than meets the eye? Take a look at this classic movie clip—it might have you thinking twice about what’s around you: They Live Sunglasses Ok, so maybe we’re not actually under the yoke of a sinister […]

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