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Learning with Gamification: Pairing a Powerful Business Vision with the Right Design Strategy

From our past blogs, many of our visitors are aware that Allen has put a stake in the ground on helping companies use their brand for corporate and consumer education. As a recap, we believe that to be effective in the area of brand education it’s important to mesh marketing best practices with deep instructional […]

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Finance Training: Tips to Create a Compliance Culture

What comes to mind when considering “training in the financial services industry”? For me it’s an easy one … compliance. Having worked in finance and held licenses to sell securities for over 15 years, I’ve taken my fair share of compliance courses. Like clockwork, every few months I’d find myself in front of a computer […]

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Retail Training Trends: The Importance of Front-Line Employees

As a young adult, I worked a few hours a week at a national clothing retail chain to stay in the “now” on clothing trends and, of course, for the employee discount. Looking back, I didn’t receive a single minute of training outside of how to use the merchant system to ring customers up. As […]

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Hit the Target: Craft Learning Activities that Transform Ideals into Results

It’s day one on your new learning design project, and you’re meeting with the client to discuss desired outcomes for their employee training program. You’re all ready to talk about observable, measurable behaviors and define precise learning objectives that fit neatly into a performance map. But when you ask the client to describe what success […]

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Six Dimensions of Learner Experience Design

Learner experience design (LxD) is an approach to designing for learning (especially elearning) that draws on elements of user experience design (UX). The term has been floating around the learning and development industry since at least 2001, but has gained popularity in recent years. Learner Experience Design? Instructional Design? What’s the difference? The rise of […]

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