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Leadership Capability Models That Define Behaviors for Positive Business Impact

Are your leadership capability models actionable and aligned with your business goals and values? Are your capabilities well-defined and communicate performance expectations that can lead to real business impact?

In this session, you’ll explore how your own capability or competency learning models can function as more significant, consistent instructional strategies throughout your learning initiatives. If you’re still working on building your own model, this session will offer inspiration for a structure that may work for your organization and your learning development offerings.

You’ll learn how digital assessments and some contextual clues in blended learning and training activities can turn a single capability or competency model into a personalized experience for groups. These groups might consist of new leaders up to executive leadership roles. (Of course, the same principles can be applied to employees outside of leadership roles, too.)

You’ll evaluate how your own learning models can help you create tech-driven capability challenges. In this way, your leaders will have the opportunity to practice and gain confidence outside of the training experience!

Finally, you’ll explore options for creating a digital support system to ensure that your leaders have the tools they need to continue refining their capabilities on the job!

More precisely, during this session, we will discuss:

  • Why more interactive, digital capability, or competency leadership models can translate into real action for real business impact
  • Ways to design digital learning activities to contextualize leadership competencies or capabilities so learners will understand, practice, and use their growing skills
  • How and when to challenge your leaders’ comfort level to make the uncomfortable tasks become more comfortable
  • Tips to create an integrated support system with blended digital and social learning solutions; a system that carries behaviors beyond the training experience

Meet the Presenter:

Amy Weiland is a Performance Strategy Manager with 19 years of experience in corporate education. For 15 of those years, Amy has created innovative learning solutions that help professionals achieve greater impact within their organizations. Her roles have ranged from Facilitator, Performance Consultant, Director of Training and Development, and Vice President of Consulting and Development. Amy’s creative yet pragmatic approach to corporate training has positively contributed to the training ecosystems of Fortune 500 organizations including Verizon, Metlife, General Electric, Panera, Nordstrom, and Walmart. Using her educational background in Psychology, Amy creates empathetic learning experiences that promote behavioral change and provides tools for creating healthy, effective social dynamics.

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