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Converting ILT To VILT: Current Innovations And Tools To Increase Training Impact In 2022

Nowadays, hybrid learning is essential for almost every L&D initiative. This is why converting ILT to VILT is a requirement for modern workforce engagement! So, how can L&D professionals take full benefit of ILT to VILT conversions in terms of performance development and talent retention? Join AllenComm in this webinar, get your answers and stay updated with the latest insights, strategies, and tools to upgrade your VILTs from reactive to proactive!

Converting ILT To VILT Webinar

If you updated your hybrid learning strategy to meet the demands of 2020, consider upgrading again with a new level of VILT innovation. According to ATD, Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) comprised at least half of all formal learning hours delivered at 65 % of organizations. The accelerated adoption of VILT has left many Learning and Development teams scrambling to keep up with demands to onboard and reskill employees in a hybrid work environment. Keeping employees engaged during times of unprecedented change across all industries will be critical to employee success and retention. In this webinar, you will gain insights, strategies, and tools to upgrade your VILTs from reactive to proactive.

During This Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • The most important components you should consider when converting ILT to VILT to deliver impactful and effective experiences
  • How to use an interactive, evaluative rubric to drive thoughtful and impactful VILT design
  • Strategies for driving engagement and interaction in VILT sessions and measuring results
  • What the future of VILT could hold through a sneak-peak into an immersive VILT experience

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