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Case Study: Leadership Training for Retail Employees

Leadership Challenge

High turnover in any employment structure comes with a high cost. Studies estimate that when an employee leaves a job, it costs six to nine months of that employee’s salary to replace them. One of our clients, a leading convenience store chain in the Eastern United States, confronted this reality during some recent changes to its business model. These changes made it necessary to have more leadership in each store at any given time, and the rapid transition was starting to cause recently promoted supervisors and managers to leave while still in the management onboarding process. They needed to bridge the skill gap for those moving into leadership positions to keep them confident, engaged, and employed. They also needed an innovative and compelling program that could be completed in a short timeline.

Leadership Training Solution

The company partnered with AllenComm to create training for new supervisors and managers who lacked previous management experience and didn’t have strong leadership skills. The customized training mixed narrative videos with motion graphics and simulations, creating an accessible competency path that not only built procedural and technical skills, but helped the learners believe that they could be leaders. Small, easily digestible training modules kept learners from feeling overwhelmed, and fun simulation exercises focused on real-life activities employees would find on the job. Celebrating milestone achievements along the way gave the learners confidence and increased motivation to continue with the training process.

Leadership Training Resuls

AllenComm’s training solution engages the learner quickly and early on, providing them with the skills they need to become confident managers or supervisors. As more employees have completed the onboarding process, the direct result was higher employee retention and satisfaction, which saved this expanding convenience store chain the high cost associated with employee turnover.

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