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Why Corporate Training will be the Key to Organizational Success

AllenComm CEO, Ron Zamir, and Chris Bond, CEO of Bluewater Learning, sat together for a virtual interview to offer their unique perspectives on the rapidly changing corporate world and the role of corporate training in that transformation.  

Both CEO’s have years of experience navigating changes in technology, industry, and economy. So, recent challenges due to COVID-19 – our new normal of work – has become a salient topic. Sammy Linebaugh, our award-winning video services expert, opens the conversation by asking “What are you hearing from clients about this new 2020 climate and looking to the future?”  

Though their responses touched on several key facets of employee development and organizational performance, some commonalities emerged from the comments of either CEO: 

  • An increased focus on individuals 
  • The importance of people in business processes
  • Leading organizational transformation and being responsive to organizational needs. 

The corporate training industry has already made notable moves in these areas, but more recent challenges have accelerated these trends. For instance, the last several years have seen an increase in training technology around eLearning personalization and adaptive learning. But, as Ron and Chris suggest, these new training methods will play a more substantial role in building excellence in our workforces going forward.