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Leverage the Everyday User Experiences of Your Learners

New technologies and user interactions are a part of your learners’ everyday lives, so why not use these daily experiences to make learning more exciting?

Research tells us that fun learning is better learning, not only for children but also adults. We can look to the entertainment industry to see how ‘fun’ is being changed by the adoption of new technologies such as augmented reality and interactive entertainment.

User Experiences: All About Choices

Choosing your own adventure is back in style—and it’s helping your learners. Bandersnatch, a new episode from the Netflix series Black Mirror, has recently caused quite a stir, with viewers either loving it or feeling pretty average about it. Either way, the innovative approach to entertainment on a major streaming platform is doing some of the heavy lifting for your training ground work.

The show is an interactive adventure where the viewers determine their path by choosing A or B. Some choices branch off down a new path while other choices essentially lead viewers to the same place, creating the illusion of choice. The goal of the show is to become a successful video game designer and viewers can try and re-try storylines to explore more of the content Bandersnatch has to offer.

Familiarity with technology can help improve content comprehension and understanding. By introducing viewers to a new format of entertainment and getting them used to a new user experience, learners will be better prepared to navigate choose-your-adventure style courses/trainings and interactive videos.

Is This the Real-Life?

Much to our benefit, new games (e.g., Pokémon GO, Zombies, Run!) and applications (i.e., SkyMap) are helping our learners become more and more familiar with augmented reality (AR). The wow-factor of these programs and the availability of necessary hardware, like cell phones, are why AR is shaping the future of play—and why it is an exceptional learning tool. AllenComm offers Siteline to help you take advantage of technology your learners are already encountering to make an engaging and impactful user experience.

3D modeling is another technology that can engage audiences and help them learn about potentially boring subjects, such as this archaeology application.

Technology’s All Around Us

As entertainment continues to push technology boundaries and websites your employees use every day (e.g., Facebook, Spotify, Google) continue to offer new interactions, your learners are increasingly ready for complex, immersive, and/or interactive trainings. Learners are also used to smart interfaces that predict what you’ll watch, listen to, or do next.

Personalization is how users expect to interact with their technology now. Streaming sites suggest new content for you based on what you’ve watched, so what about a learning management system that suggests new areas of training based on what you’ve completed? This same concept of personalization, when combined with a branded visual interface, could help your learning feel more intuitive and user-friendly.

You can use the couch-based interface training that your learners have already received at home to make your learning more effective and more memorable. Learn more about how these technologies can be applied to your learning strategy by contacting us.