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How to Build an Award-winning Training Course

When we set out to build a custom course for our clients, the first priority is to build something of quality. We want all of our courses to meet the needs of our clients and to deliver what is promised to the learners. We build to deliver for our client’s unique, interesting designs with the mindset to make training accessible and engaging. With these qualities invested in each course we deliver, it should come to no surprise that many of them are award-winning training courses, too. So, what is it about AllenComm courses that make them recognized in the industry as something great? Each course we build has to meet the needs of the client, the needs of the learner, and deliver content in a unique user experience. For us, it isn’t enough for a course to meet the client’s expectations; we have to exceed them.

Training Focused on Needs

Needs of the Client

Clients choose AllenComm because we work with them to build what they need. From our first consultation to the design workshop, we engage with the main stakeholders to discover what our training has to achieve. Together, we find the best practices to meet their needs, so we can focus the training on all the required knowledge skills learners have to develop. We use our experts to collaborate with our clients to create a partnership that is determined to be as effective as possible.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients feel well represented. We follow their guidelines to make the training feel like a natural part of their organization. Because we are invested in the success of our clients, we work tirelessly to build training that feels at home within their organizations.

Needs of the Learner

Our courses are built with the learner in mind. We work to determine the benefits and takeaways of each learning activity and consider ways to improve upon our designs. By putting ourselves in the role of the learner, our designers recognize important concepts and expand on the skills they need to better understand the content. The learner has to be able to complete their training with confidence and replicate the skills and the principles they have learned.

We go beyond building courses; we build engagements with the learner. We use that relationship between learner and content to deliver an experience that is active, rather than reactive, by creating activities that draw in the learner. Through gamification, scenario exercises, and even virtual reality, AllenComm is able to create memorable experiences in training that will stick with the learner.

Using the Right Training Method

A Unique User Interface and Experience

AllenComm has the capabilities to build a unique user experience, and we support it through our own interface. We know the capabilities of our LMS, and are not limited by typical technological constraints. We ensure that the needs of our clients can be satisfied through our technology. We are capable of delivering our course across a wide spectrum of platforms, meaning our training can be as accessible as our clients need it to be.

We don’t follow just one method of delivery because we believe all learning opportunities are diverse. Our courses are unique and can adapt to reflect any changes our clients may make.

We design each course from the ground up, making something that prompts the learner to be proactive. AllenComm’s unique interactive, fluid grid design allows learners to see the whole content from the landing page and know what their experience will cover.


Training requires a lot of dedication and a lot of skill. When careful thought and consideration is applied to a design, the potential for a great course increase. When we look at defying the limitations and push a good course into greatness, it will stand out as something special. We are proud to say that the courses we build are recognized in the industry as award-winning courses, and we know that when we partner with our clients, we are going to build them a quality course of which they can be proud.

Talk to us about building you a custom course to fit your organization’s training goals.