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Microlearning Roundup: Top tips to start small

We know we’ve been talking about microlearning a lot the last few months, and with that much information it can be easy for something to get lost in the shuffle. So to give you all our recent microlearning resources in one place, we created this roundup to help you find the most relevant content for your needs.

1. Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results by Empowering Learners

This ebook covers microlearning misconceptions, understanding how or if you should use microlearning, where it fits in your curriculum, and steps to build a good microlearning strategy.

2. To Impact Human Performance, You Need to Remember the Humans

Do you understand how microlearning can help you build a training ecosystem? See how each training element is intertwined with application of information to reach mastery more quickly.

3. Microlearning Quiz

Are you ready to use microlearning? Take our 12-question quiz to test your knowledge.

4. Connecting Social Media and Microlearning: An interview with Jane Hart

We talk to Jane Hart, founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies about how microlearning fits with modern learners, its connection to social media, and the opposition it still faces from some people.

5. Microlearning: The Building Blocks of Personalization

Not every company has the technology to drive personalized recommendations and results for individual learners, but you can use micro assets to build a curriculum that addresses each person’s needs.

6. Fight the Forgetting Curve

This infographic covers why retention is such a problem for learners, and why microlearning will help boost retention.

7. 7 Awesome Microlearning Examples

Need a little inspiration for your next project? Check out a few good examples of microlearning in and out of the training industry.

8. Master Microlearning

This infographic, created with, gives a microlearning overview—from definition to benefits.

9. Microlearning Techniques: It’s Time to Modernize Training

This webinar, led by AllenComm CEO Ron Zamir and hosted by, helps you understand what microlearning is and ways that it can be used effectively along all parts of the learner lifecycle.

10. Driving Microlearning with Social Media: A Conversation with Learning Experts

Learning experts Karl Kapp and Clark Quinn offer their thoughts on how social media and microlearning can be complementary.

11. The Microlearning Checklist: What you need to get started

If you’ve decided to try microlearning but aren’t sure where to start, read this blog. We put together a basic checklist to help you get going.

Have you tried microlearning yet? How do you think it will help you?