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Link’spiration™ – September 5th – Back to School

Link'spiration™ - Learning and DevelopmentLink’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

Back to School
We can’t help but love the feeling in the air as the transition from summer to fall sets in. School is back in session, and people can’t help but think about learning. In honor of the season, we’re sharing links on what skills Instructional Designers need to make the grade.

Teach complex concepts in clear perspective
This is always the goal, right? Well, check out this site that puts data and information in manageable and understandable maps.
Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Design creativity with a purpose
We frequently talk about creativity and innovation around here since they really drive our designs. This example from the is a great mashup of art, music, and education. It turns a basic knowledge check into an interesting game of visual storytelling.
Mashup Link’spiration™
Pop and Art

See the world as a learning experience
You know you’ve become an instructional designer when even a trip to the grocery store inspires some aspect of training design. You can’t help it, right? Neither can we; in fact, our job is to see the connections and potential landmines before our learners. So, take something as seemingly ubiquitous as watching a flock of birds flying around, and you’ll be amazed by what it could inspire.
Avoiding Landmines With Training Design
Flock of Birds – Using Life as Inspiration

Be the hero for learning and development
We are in this field because we genuinely care about learning. We are passionate about designing and delivering the best training and performance support in order to change job performance. If you are trying to find your passion for education, take a look at a master educator pitch his reasoning for being a great learning neighbor.
Mister Rogers – Great Learning Neighbor

These are only some of the skills, but we’d love to hear what you would add to the list.

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