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Mitigating the Risk of Mobile Learning by the Connection to Business Goals

While there’s no question mobile learning will be an ever-increasingly important part of your training mix, it’s important to ensure that your mobile development efforts, especially your initial efforts, are aligned to your organizations business goals. Now while we would say that for any training there is an inclination to just try it because we are asked about it or we get enamored by the many new vendors out their to try a new and relatively simple new modality.

Creating mobile tools just for the sake of flexing your creative muscles can lead to flashy products that lack real training impact, and most importantly can jeopardize your future mobile efforts. With any new modality the danger of importing lessons from a web format just raise the risk of usability issues and lack of usage in general, by our target populations.

The best way to mitigate these risks is to have a laser focus on some specific business issues you have been asked to address. By aligning your mobile learning initiatives with your business goals from the outset, you can help ensure you’re delivering training materials with impact and protecting funding for future mobile initiatives based on the successful outcomes you deliver.


Mapping your organization’s business goals and exploring the areas where mobile is truly the best method for delivering training is the first step in developing your mobile learning roadmap. Don’t force it. There are areas of training where mobile just doesn’t make sense. Mobile learning is just one more powerful tool in your arsenal, and as in all things, using the right tool for the job is key.

Allen’s Mobile Learning Roadmap helps our customers get the most out of their mobile learning initiatives by setting a clear direction and creating exactly this kind of clear relationship between your mobile initiatives and your business goals. You can read more about how we help you create a path to success by learning more about our mobile learning roadmap.