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AllenComm Bridges the Adoption Gap Between ERP Technical Success and User Adoption Failure

SALT LAKE CITY (January 25, 2012) – Of nearly 200 worldwide ERP implementations evaluated by Panorama Consulting Solutions, half were reported as business failures.* The causes of the failures-user frustration, decreased productivity and increased operation costs due to helpdesk reliance-eclipsed benefits anticipated versus the cost of the system. To ensure against ERP business process failures, Allen Communication Learning Services introduces Systems Assure®.

“It’s time that systems training joined the 21st century and adopted the best practices already being applied to other types of training,” said Ron Zamir, Allen CEO. “Our methodology and use of technology provide an established approach to training and change management around systems adoption. By focusing on competency mapping and execution-oriented training with a more innovative approach to adoption, we avoid the unnecessary and oppressive dump of information.”

The solution Allen developed is Systems Assure. A different and tailored training approach, Systems Assure helps accelerate ERP deployment, sustains effective usage and lowers the risk of project failure and increases the lifetime value of the system. The goal of Systems Assure is to minimize the training in the initial implementation by more than 30 percent while raising relevancy and motivation that directly impact user adoption.

Systems Assure is a game changer. It specifically addresses and remediates the issues that are causing implementation failures and, in the process, improves performance and lowers risk.

“We named it Systems Assure because that is what it delivers—assurance that your system will perform,” Zamir said. “When employees don’t properly adopt new ERP software, what may be deemed a ‘technical success’ quickly sours into a business process failure. Systems Assure focuses on the gap that exists between the ERP software provider, the software integrator and the customer. Unlike other vendors, when we talk about ERP systems training we’re talking about a fully mapped, lifecycle approach and the deployment of training curriculum that employs a true layered learning model tailored to the needs and business processes of our customers.”

Based on Allen’s 30 years of training expertise, Systems Assure reduces risk initially and remains active during the lifecycle of the ERP to deliver improved productivity and cost savings year after year. Focused on creating immediate competence in the ERP system and decreasing attrition over the lifecycle of the system, the Systems Assure training approach includes four steps: identify the business needs, align performance, deliver training and evaluate and maintain performance.

These steps are supported by Allen’s powerful learning portal, rapid content development process and technology and Allen’s partnerships with industry leading software partners.

More information on Systems Assure is available online.

*Panorama Consulting Solutions, “2010 ERP Report.” Available online.


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