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Top Training Company Professionals Embrace Their Inner Biker

While it wasn’t quite the Ride to Sturgis Rally, the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee was the ideal place for Wisconsin and Illinois learning leaders to gather and discuss training and development topics. The 150 attendees at the First Southeast Wisconsin Learning Leaders Conference rode off into the sunset with their saddle bags full of ideas to improve their corporate training issues.


Classic Harley motorcycles flanked the podium during the top training company panel discussions. The Harley’s perfect integration of polished steel, moving parts and electrical systems typified the various terms being expounded on; terms like: accelerated, pipeline, technology, leadership, streamline, brand, alignment and life cycle.


Like the motorcycles, the panelists had been road tested in their fields, which covered a broad range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare. The panelists revved their knowledge engines discussing the need to help executives create and support the execution of an accelerated high-quality development and learning plan. They also covered ways to build a culture of developing an engaging and diverse leadership pipeline; tips on aligning senior leadership behaviors and support to ensure that these goals are achieved; leveraging technology to streamline processes to facilitate talent management; and extending the value of their corporate brand to the entire talent management life cycle.

The conference was an informative and smooth ride for all that attended. If you missed out, don’t blow a gasket. Plan on attending the 10th Chicago Land Learning Leaders Conference at McDonald’s Hamburger University, in Oak Brook, Illinois on September 26th. You can even have fries with that.