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AllenComm Asks “Can Corporations Do More Corporate Training With Less?”

rosie-riveterWith post-recession unemployment still at a high 8.9%, many corporations are finding it necessary to retool their operations to account for fewer employees.  Consequentially, employees are requiring a broader set of skills and knowledge in order to meet their increased responsibilities. This begs the question – can corporations do more with less, without overworking employees and conjuring images of drum beating or chain gang lines?

At Allen, we think the answer to this question is acumen training–product or processes acumen training to be exact. Allen’s clients have been utilizing this micro-level business training to help employees learn best practices which maximize their performance without being overwhelmed.

Using Allen’s acumen training, a national bank was able to cross-train employees about each bank product and how to connect those products to a specific customer need. By doing this the bank was able to elevate their employee performance from mere fundamental customer service to that of trusted resolution experts, while simultaneously promoting a broader selection of bank products.

For a client in the direct selling industry, Allen designed a series of product acumen courses which incorporated product-specific selling techniques into the training. As a result, sales reps that completed the courses increased their sales by an average of 19 percent.

As economies and industries adapt and change, Allen will continue to help corporations optimize their human capital.

How is your company doing more with less? Comment and let us know.