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AllenComm Releases Expanded Learning Portal with Resource Management and Collaborative Workflow Functionality

SALT LAKE CITY (April 21, 2010) — As the demands for customized learning management functionality have increased amongst Allen Communication Learning Services (Allen) clientele, AllenComm recently announced the standardization of customizations around a feature set to improve collaboration and resource management for large enterprise organizations. With the latest version, in addition to tracking and managing learners, users can now track diverse information like task completions and the availability of global training resources, technology, and equipment for both virtual and brick and mortar sites.

Continuing its strategy of providing learning portals based on open architecture and flexible business logic layers, AllenComm has been able to continually build on and expand the Learning Portal’s feature set. AllenComm clients are able to dramatically lower their initial investment and total cost of ownership of typical LMS implementations. As their business needs evolve and change, their learning portal can change and update at the same time, bypassing the costs of upgrade cycles and new licensing fees.

As AllenComm clients began looking for ways to incorporate learner collaboration into their training workflow, AllenComm was able to tailor their learning portals to these needs by building the functionality directly into the system, and releasing the functionality directly to their portals at completion of each project. No updated portal version was needed and each implementation was able to incorporate the specific compliance and learner characteristics of the customer. Similar feature sets have been undertaken to help clients phase out other older systems including those aligned with resource management and group workflow.

“The simple fact is that AllenComm is in the business of developing and delivering appropriate learning solutions to very complex organizations. These include our solutions surrounding learning management,” stated Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen Communication Learning Services. “We know this open and flexible approach is the antithesis to how the large LMS companies work. The results for our clients are dramatic. We have drastically cut down implementation times, more directly aligned with business needs, and been able to provide a technological nexus for training needs based on a firm’s exact business processes and initiatives.”

With the release of expanded feature sets, new and current clients will have access to all collaborative and resource management functionality as well as several other feature updates. Additionally, AllenComm encourages prospective clients to discuss their unmet learning and resource management needs with AllenComm’s Learning Portal team to discover how the Allen Learning Portal can expand the training group’s impact on their enterprise organizations.

About AllenComm

For three decades, the learning and development experts at Allen Communication Learning Services () have helped many of the world’s largest companies sharpen their organizational performance. AllenComm expands their client’s capabilities by using progressive approaches in custom training, e-learning, and blended learning development, as well as learning portal development and technologies. This bold approach results in highly-customized organizational training solutions that help departments scale and achieve more, while improving ROI.