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Compassion International Teams with AllenComm to Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness in its Child Survival Program

SALT LAKE CITY (March 4, 2009) — Compassion International, the world’s largest one-to-one child sponsorship organization, works around the world to permanently rescue children from poverty, not merely sustain them through it.

Through a partnership with Allen Communication Learning Services, Compassion International was able to address any logistical and geographical obstacles by reissuing and revitalizing its Child Survival training program into an online course, placing critical documents within the course for consistent training mechanisms.

Compassion International approached AllenComm with a need to specifically focus its efforts on the Child Survival Program and discover ways to improve training. At the time, Compassion trainers traveled to each area, delivering the program via PowerPoint and leaving printed copies of the guidebook and manual. This proved to be ineffective and uninteresting for learners, as well as costly in travel and expenses for Compassion International.

AllenComm created an interactive, activity-based course that allows learners to engage in the content, instead of passively listening. This course could be delivered online or on CD for those areas that don’t have internet. The content in the guide and manual was also updated and distributed online or on CD as well.

Margo Y. Bedford, Instructional Design Supervisor for Compassion International stated, “This program really addressed many of our training needs, especially as we deal with the complications from language, logistics and diverse geographic locations. AllenComm delivered a program that will allow us to be more strategic, effective and efficient in our approach to learning and support.”

AllenComm has also partnered with other non-profit organizations, like the American Diabetes Association, Salt Lake City Chapter, and Tread Lightly! For the American Diabetes Association, AllenComm created a training course for the Tour de Cure volunteers. For their dedication and work on this course, the American Diabetes Association awarded AllenComm the Corporate Spirit Award. With Tread Lightly!, Allen developed a public awareness course that won a HIA award.

About Compassion International:

Compassion International, the world’s largest one to one child sponsorship organization, is working around the globe to permanently rescue children from poverty, not merely sustain them through it. Founded in 1952, Compassion successfully tackles global poverty one child at a time serving more than 1 million children in 25 of the world’s poorest countries. Recognizing that poverty is more than a lack of money, Compassion works holistically through local churches to address the individual physical, economic, educational and spiritual needs of children—enabling them to thrive not just survive. Compassion has been awarded seven consecutive, four-star ratings by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator.

About AllenComm:

For over 25 years, Allen Communication Learning Services has helped improve the training processes and methods of numerous Fortune 500 companies. With a rich history in training that started with the introduction of the world’s first commercial interactive videodisc system, today the company is recognized as a leader in custom training, e-learning, blended learning, and learning portal development. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, AllenComm’s mission is to align organizations’ training initiatives with their business objectives by developing the optimal learning solution for each organization.