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Proactive Compliance Webinar

We know compliance interventions are essential. They are also often long and dull. Why? When we strive to meet regulatory requirements and equip learners with all the know-how they’ll need on the job (“Just in case!”), we overwhelm learners and create the kinds of experiences that learners are eager to “check off” and promptly forget.

Shift your compliance culture from one of “check the box” and “do it or else” to one of proactive, flexible resiliency. How? With compliance “boosters” that model and allow learners to practice the culture of compliance your organization needs. To that end, this webinar will equip you with strategies to:

  • Identify the most important outcomes your compliance interventions need to generate
  • Design “boosters” that engage learners’ empathy, strengthen their critical thinking skills, and shift their sense of what it means to act in compliance
  • Model and reinforce the culture of compliance your organization needs beyond formal learning experiences.

Join this webinar for actionable strategies to get your compliance interventions to do so much more for your organization.

Presenters: Jessie Wirkus & Brian Burningham

Jessie Wirkus is a Performance Consultant at AllenComm, where she works with clients to identify their organization’s most pressing performance and learning needs. Then she designs dynamic and impactful experiences to address them. She has worked with a range of clients from medium-sized sales companies to national financial institutions. Jessie’s life-long professional passions are researching, analyzing, and solving complex problems and her favorite contexts for indulging those passions are education and learning. Her current career, working with adults in professional settings, is enriched by over ten years of experience convincing university students to care about their general–education writing and literature courses (she has a PhD in English from UC Irvine). She loves delivering experiences that allow learners to see their world and their place in it in a new way.

Brian Burningham is a Performance Consultant at AllenComm, where he works with clients to develop impactful learning experiences through engaging design. He has worked with a wide range of clients in various industries. He spent 10 years teaching in public schools, with an additional five years of experience working with adults as an adjunct instructor at a couple of local colleges. His education is in Psychology, with a Master’s Degree in Education.

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