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Finding the Right Partner for Employee Training and Development

This blog was written by David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group. It was originally posts on the Brandon Hall website.

Organizations find themselves needing to upskill and reskill their workforce quickly and effectively. Rapidly shifting business needs, continually advancing technology, and the impact of a global pandemic have all put pressure on L&D to adapt and evolve their employee training and development initiatives.

Organizations need a more agile, adaptive, and accessible approach to learning. According to Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study, the number one reason organizations are having difficulty developing the skills the business will require in the near future is that they do not have the people, time, or financial resources to support that need.

These are the kind of challenges that cannot be solved by simply buying new technology. While the right technology plays a huge role in the modern learning environment, it is much more important to find a partner that can help meet all of L&D’s challenges. The right employee training development approach requires the right strategy, the right content, and the right technology to effectively build skills.

Brandon Hall Group SmartchoiceÒ Bronze Preferred Provider AllenComm helps its partners with its clients to look at the Learning function in its entirety. The number two challenge in that same Brandon Hall Group research is that organizations have not identified the skills they need, nor the gaps that exist. AllenComm begins its partnerships with a full analysis of what skills gaps exist and to what extent, then brings in the right content, experiences, and technology to match those needs.

And when it comes to technology, companies that are satisfied and finding success are more likely to say that their provider is a partner. Nearly half (45%) of companies say their current learning technology ecosystem is not adequately meeting their needs. And one of the key drivers of that, cited by almost 80% of companies, is that their provider is unable to be a partner for the future.

AllenComm has distilled its broad array of services and offerings into exactly what organizations need: a partnership for building skills. Their clients sometimes need help in just one area, or in some cases across the entire spectrum of training development. Working as a true partner, AllenComm is able to fit their solutions to the need.