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Planning Early for an Automated Performance Measurement Strategy

Probably because the word “analytics” can seem radioactive (scary but accepted as powerful and beneficial, if correctly applied), too many organizations limit their measurement to Kirkpatrick Levels 1 and 2. Or they think about measuring performance results after the training has happened instead of starting a learning initiative by designating the strategies and tactics for each metric, KPI, and business needle that needs to move. Even fewer plan for how they will be measured throughout the learning journey.

Designating what needs to change and fueling that with the right performance indicators is step-one performance mapping. Step five might be a robust measurement strategy in which measurement happens before, during, and after the learning experience. Want to move forward to Step ten, in which a system quantifies learning early in the design process and throughout the learning experience so learning and performance analytics can be automated and accessed live? And then the system delivers a personalized Learning Pathway to the learner…with built-in manager support?

Join us to review, question, and stretch a can-do analytics tool that can have you standing on measurement Levels 3 and 4, reaching out to shake Mr. Kirkpatrick’s hand.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to plan for a measurement strategy
  • How to dissect business metrics into performance behaviors
  • Software tool features that link business metrics to live employee performance expectations/levels
  • Software tool features that automate and push a learning pathway for each learner based on performance, with built-in manager support functions

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