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Case Study: National Association Consumer Safety Education


Educate with Technology and Memorable Training

Did you know that 84% of hunting accidents are falls from tree stands? Or that roughly a thousand people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year? Neither do most new teenage hunters.

Training Challenge

With its deep commitment to hunter safety and education, our client took issue with the fact that another organization was charging new hunters to take a mediocre online hunter education course. They wanted to create an exceptionally high-quality online training designed to reach and impact an audience of adolescents and young adults, and to offer it free of charge. Additionally, to be accredited, the training would have to meet the International Hunter Education Association’s (IHEA) strict regulatory standards. The association sought AllenComm’s breadth of experience across multiple learner types and its capacity to deliver an innovative solution accessible by thousands of consumers to make this goal a reality.

Training Solution

AllenComm’s solution for the client was an engaging and cohesive eight-hour online training experience that met the demands of the IHEA and the needs of the unique learner group. The final assessment for certification is designed to fulfill the most stringent IHEA and state-specific requirements. But perhaps more importantly, the course features meaningful content and interactive learning challenges that help learners grasp the critical concepts and prepare them to be safe and responsible in the field. To spark and hold learners’ attention, AllenComm integrated realistic video and compelling illustrated characters (such as Ranger the hunting dog), provided many surprising statistics, and encouraged learners to earn habit badges to reinforce the core behaviors of safe and responsible hunters.

Training Solution

AllenComm’s solution leverages the latest technologies and strategies to create a world-class training that these young learners will want to take. The innovative training will enable a new generation of young adults to become safe, responsible, and certified hunters. Furthermore, with AllenComm’s thoughtful assessment strategy, the training can be easily adapted to meet the ever-changing national and state-specific hunting regulations.

The client decided to engage AllenComm for another large project  – Pistol Safety. AllenComm’s proven track record instilled confidence that we could meet their exacting expectations and deliver results.

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Online Training for National Association Consumer Safety Education