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Hybrid Learning Webinar

Creating a Hybrid Learning Ecosystem for a Hybrid Workforce

The ground is shifting. As we consider the future of work—remote work, in-office work, or sustaining a hybrid workforce—we find ourselves needing to anticipate and address how employees from a potentially vast variety of new working circumstances will best access, connect with, and change from learning. Will your organization need informal learning? Blended learning? Hybrid learning? Whatever your learners’ needs, among them will likely be the need for greater flexibility, enhanced connectivity, and sustainable connection—with each other and your crucial content.

This webinar will provide you a “hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce” toolkit and actually workshop how you can get started creating a hybrid learning ecosystem that you can cater to your organization’s various and even unpredictable workforce needs. The workshopping will also consider hybrid learning cultures based on your organization’s current or (forgivably) non-existent learning culture.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why this topic needs to be addressed now
  • What hybrid learning does and does not mean
  • What is most important in hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce
  • How to do it with your own “hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce” toolkit
  • How to infuse accountability into your hybrid work learning culture so it lasts

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