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Customization Trends Across the ELearning Industry

Branding is an essential part of connecting with your employees and customers. According to, your brand includes your company mission, the benefit, and features your products or services have to offer, everything your customers already think about your company, and the qualities you want them to think about your company. Forbes points out that, to build an effective brand, “one must never underestimate the power of consistency” — this includes your company’s training content.

Why Create Branded Content?

If your organization’s training is going to truly accomplish its goal, it needs to be more than just an interactive to-do list. Training should include all the elements that make up your brand: the philosophies, voice, design language, and more that reflect the ideals your organization is built upon. writes that when your online learning platform is customized to reflect your brand, it includes your company’s values and spawns strong ambassadors that will voluntarily share your company’s message.

Customization is Trending

Since branding is such an essential part of selling a product or service, customization is becoming a more and more important trend in the training technology industry. This can be seen in the recently released Storyline 360, a platform rich in customization features. Storyline 360 features a constantly updated content library that allows users to use more than three million templates, photos, illustrations, video, and icons. Templates and other pieces of media can be customized within the platform to more fully reflect your brand. Storyline 360 users also have complete control over fonts and text formatting, meaning everything you create can match perfectly with your organization’s style guide.

DesignLab: Custom-tailored Content

DesignLab, a cloud-based eLearning design platform developed by AllenComm, also makes it easy to customize your training courses as you seek consistency across your brand. With DesignLab you can create, maintain, and publish courses across multiple platforms and formats. First, our courseware experts at AllenComm with discuss your learning strategy with you. After this initial conversation, they’ll create a package of branded activities, templates, and courses to meet your needs. You’ll also have access to a custom-tailed DesignLab library with branded templates and activities built just for your company. Using this content, you can update existing courses or build your own new courses whenever you desire.

In order to tell a consistent story, it’s important to help each of your stakeholders understand every aspect of your brand, from your customers to your employees. As we enter a new year, keep an eye out for even more ways to customize your online training courses. And, of course, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help creating a platform that reflects the values your brand holds.