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Engagement Weekly: Engagement Ideas for 2017

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some engagement ideas to set your new year off right.

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1. How Middle Managers Can Boost Employee Engagement And Customer Experience

Forbes – What is holding companies back when it comes to employees engagement? Often, it is not enough investment in middle management.  Read More

2. Employee Engagement and the Pursuit of Happiness – Here’s how to make sure that your employees aren’t just going through the motions. Read More

3. 12 Ways To Foster Amazing Employee Engagement

CMI – How do you make sure that you get employee engagement right? Here are twelve actionable ideas for doing just that. Read More

4. 9 Employee Engagement Tips to Kick the New Year Off Right –  Nine more tips for getting engagement right in the new year. Read More

5. The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement – Employee engagement could be much easier with the help of these ten tools. Read More

6. Why Employee Engagement Should Top Your Resolution List

Campaign US – As agencies face a crisis in confidence, it is incumbent upon leadership to define the path forward to their most important audience. Read More

7. Spinning Wheels on Employee Engagement

CIO – Many organizations have a lot of ground to make up and will have to ‘up their digital game’ to recruit and retain the workers needed to pursue new opportunities. Read More

8. Employee Engagement Strategies for 2017

focus:HR – Three strategies for making sure that your employees are emotionally committed to your company. Read More

9. Stop Confusing Employee Engagement and Culture

Post Shift – Too many people confuse employee engagement with culture. Here is why it is important to differentiate. Read More

10. Increase Employee Engagement: Focus on Strengths Rather than Weaknesses

The Compelled Educator – Taking this survey can help you to understand each employee’s character strengths, and thus use them better. Read More