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Engagement Weekly: Employee Engagement Is Risk Management

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at how to properly inspire, lead, manage, and therefore engage the people of your company, and how they are your biggest asset.

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1. Four Principles that Precede Employee Engagement

InsightLink – Sometimes we need to stop focusing on increasing employee engagement and focus on treating employees well instead—the rest will follow. Read More

2. Customer Experience and HR: It’s Time to Get Together

1to1 media – When organizations don’t embed customer experience into key HR processes like hiring, training, and rewards and recognition, they miss a prime opportunity to foster an environment that enables success.

3. Interested in a Performance-Management System? Establish Trust First

Entrepreneur – 30% of employees see performance management systems as unfair. How can companies create ones that employees can support, and believe to be objective? Read More

4. Do Your Employees Know Where They Stand?

Chief Learning Officer – Too many managers unnecessarily avoid giving their employees performance feedback out of fear of their reaction to it. Read More

5. 3 Ways to Create a Company That People (Especially Millennials) Want to Work For

Recruiter – Great culture is much more than an enviable vacation policy or an office-wide ping pong tournament—these are perks. It’s an environment in which employees feel a sense of purpose, engagement and growth. Read More

6. 5 Things Every Virtual Office Needs

TheTechHacker – There are many benefits to a virtual office, but there are certain technologies and elements you’ll need to put into play to ensure that your transformation is a successful one.

7. When We Tell People to do Their Jobs, We Get Workers. When We Trust People to Get The Job Done, We Get Leaders

LinkedIn – One of the hardest lessons to learn when we get promoted to a position of leadership—we are no longer responsible for doing the job, we are now responsible for the people who do the job. Read More

8. What if Employee Engagement Was a Risk Management Issue?

Ere Media – People should always be viewed as your most important asset. Don’t take them for granted. Read More

9. 5 Team Building Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement

Quantum Workplace – Team building is too often a horrible experience for everyone involved. But if you do it right, it can be very effective. Here are some ideas. Read More

10. Engaged Workers are Inspired Workers [Infographic]

Switch&Shift – Engaged workers are not hired, they are inspired. This infographic provides a diagram for inspiration.