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Engagement Weekly: Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at how managers can develop the qualities necessary to manage and engage the very best employees through technology, training, and mentorship programs.

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1. 7 Ways to Find Meaning at Work – People are disengaged, but yearn for meaning. These are some ways to turn a job into a vocation. Read More

2. 5 Roles That Will Power 21st Century Human Resources Departments – A company must be employee centric to stay relevant in the 21st century, and talent is a hot commodity. Here are some roles to fill in your human resources department. Read More

3. 6 Myths of Employee Engagement – A major disruption to employee engagement is the adverse impact of the unhappiness epidemic across many companies. There are six myths disrupting companies’ ability to keep people engaged. Read More

4. 5 Ways Digital Technology is Impacting Employee Engagement – Companies and organizations must embrace modern tools and tech in order to provide employees with the right resources they trust to ensure success.  Read More

5. Why Interpersonal Relations Training is Important for New Managers – In order for individual contributors to become effective managers they must understand the relational aspects of their new roles. Read More

6. 7 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Without Raising Salaries – To reward top employees and improve morale, you need to address the comprehensive needs of your employees to make sure they feel valued. Read More

7. Mentoring Programs – Do They Improve Employee Engagement? – Employees are looking for career development and ownership over their work. When set up with the right people and software, mentoring programs can offer an all-round solution to these. Read More

8. 6 Ways to Retain Good Employees

PeopleMatters – Failing to do anything about staff retention could be very expensive and impact organizational productivity, performance, profitability and customer satisfaction. Read More

9. 10 Must-Have Life Skills for Great Managers – Experience, education and technical skills are less important than actual “life skills” for a manager. Here are some vital qualities. Read More

10. 4 Effective Ways to Manage Millennial Employees – The next generation can transform your organization—if you take the right steps to attract, inspire and motivate them. Read More