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Engagement Weekly: Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at how employee engagement can affect customer experience, the future of employee engagement, the business of engagement surveys and how to boost engagement through the summer slump.

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1. How to Increase Employee Engagement Without Giving a Raise – Engagement is not only a matter for human resources. On the contrary, leaders should be directly involved—and all it will cost is some effort. Read More

2. Why the Future Office Will Be as Much About Fun as Work – Companies like Google have shown the recruiting and retention power of making a workplace fun as well as functional. Read More

3. Yet Another Survey That Demonstrates Employees Want Purpose But Organizations Are Not Delivering – Yet another survey has surfaced that shows employees’ need for purpose, but organizations are not listening. Read More

4. 3 Things Every Boss Should Know About Building a Strong Team – Recruiting and retaining the top talent is about engaging employees in these three ways. Read More

5. The ROI of Employee Development – Employee learning and development is a crucial investment, but the ultimate return is priceless. Read More

6. Empowerment Marketing: The Link Between Employee Engagement and Customer Experience – Empowerment marketing is the idea that the quality of customer experience is directly a function of the quality of the employees delivering the experience Read More

7. Management During the Summer Months: Boosting Employee Engagement

Business2Community – During the summer months, you want to create an environment where employees feel comfortable at a time when they need to refocus and recharge. Read More

8. The Future of Work is Now, and It’s All About Engagement – In the modern workplace, we choose where, when and how we work. How can this new reality be embraced to shape your organization’s culture and grow your business? Read More

9. Let’s Fuse Employee Engagement with Performance Management

TalentSpace – Are we getting the performance that we need from employee engagement? Are we engaging fully in performance management? Read More

10. Do Employee Engagement Surveys Actually Work?

Business2Community – As part of a holistic employee engagement strategy, they have the power to transform your business. Read More