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Engagement Weekly: Helpful Engagement Tips

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how to improve employee engagement through office redesign, why a 4-day work week is more effective than 5, and how to create a clear message to motivate employees.

Get the full stories below.

1. Experts Think a 4-Day Work Week Would Be More Beneficial Than 5 – Research has shown that organizations tend to suffer when they push their employees past the breaking point. Read More

2. The ROI of Improving Employee Engagement – The people connected to your organization (employees, customers, etc.) are the drivers of its overall success. Read More

3. Six Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity: By Treating Your Staff As Well As Your Customers – When organizations adapt their client retention strategy to employees, they get better employee engagement results.

4. The New Marketing Landscape and What It Means For Employee Engagement – HR and management should mirror their employee engagement programs in the same way marketers engage their customers, in earning their hearts and minds through compelling programs. Read More

5. Linking Employee Engagement to a Successful Office Design – An office design should reflect the company culture and promote better employee motivation and engagement. Read More

6. 7 Signs Your Key Employee is Leaving You – Top talent doesn’t leave without any warning signs and as a manager or CEO, it’s important to know what these warning signs are. Read More

7. Millennials, This is Why You Haven’t Been Promoted – From overworking to being too agreeable, Millennials need to seek training and guidance from other coworkers in order to gain a promotion. Read More

8. How to Manage Employees Through Disruption – From ensuring you have the right cultural fit to embracing technology, it’s important to hire employees that can embrace a culture of change. Read More

9. Create a Clear Message to Motivate Employee Engagement – It’s important that a business motivates and engages its employees in a way that relates to business values and missions. Read More

10. Who Owns Employee Engagement: Managers or HR? – Though it’s common for people to think that HR should handle employee engagement, it should really be progressive managers that improve employee engagement. Read More