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Engagement Weekly: Debunking Engagement Myths

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into what common myths surround employee engagement, why engagement is at “critically low levels” and the direct effect feedback has on employee engagement.

Get the full stories below.

1. Can Paying People to Quit Actually Drive Better Employee Engagement? – Paying disengaged employees to leave could pave the way for a more engaged team and organizational growth. Read More

2. Employee Engagement at Critically Low Levels – A survey released by the Hay Group division of Korn Ferry found that “across all leadership levels an average of only 36 of employees are highly engaged.” Read More

3. 4 Keys to Engaging Your Remote Workforce – It’s important for HR and business leaders to eliminate the remote barrier through better collaboration and use of mobile technology. Read More

4. 10 Inspiring Quotes From Successful CEOs to Help You Win at Employee Engagement – Leaders can boost morale and business results by connecting with employees on a personal level, which then directly impacts engagement. Read More

5. The 4 Stages of Transforming Employee Feedback – The right type of feedback that drives engagement includes a deep cultural change and buy-in from both employee and employer. Read More

6. What Did We Talk About Before ‘Employee Engagement’? – Employees need to have a sense of pride in the organization they work for in order to be truly engaged. Read More

7. FUN: The Missing Driver of Employee Engagement and Recruiting – Having fun instilled in company culture can help engage current employees and attract top job candidates. Read More

8. Infographic: Signs Your Employee Engagement Program Isn’t Working – Engaged employees don’t only shine in the work they produce, but in their office relationships and collaboration as well. Read More

9. Employee Engagement Begins When Employees “Own” Their Company – Motivation and engagement has to reside in the internal organizational culture. Read More

10. 6 Myths of Employee Engagement – One of the first steps in creating engagement is to debunk misleading myths about employee engagement and find ways to help employees find meaning and purpose within their given roles. Read More