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Engagement Weekly: Why Job Meaning and Purpose Matters

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the importance of creating purpose within careers, why engagement needs to be an ongoing process and the importance of consistent feedback.

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1. Perks Are Great—But They Won’t Make Employees Stay – In order to retain your best talent, organizations need to create a sense of purpose and meaning to the work. Read More

2. [New Research] Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping into the Power of an Engaged Social Workforce – Altimetergroup research found that “employee advocacy done right benefits the consumer, the employee and the brand.” Read More

3. Employee Social Media Advocacy Influence – Data has shown that employees at an organization are better sources of information for customers than the leaders and CEOs on social media. Read More

4. What People Get Wrong in Employee Engagement – CEOs and managers need to understand that employee engagement is not a one-way street, employees need to make an effort to become more engaged in their work also. Read More

5. How Your Workplace Impacts Employee Engagement – Based on Steelcase study, it found that “people who were happy with their office tended to be more engaged.” Read More

6. You’ll Know You Have True Employee Engagement When Your Employee Says This… – Total employee engagement comes when employees critically think about their roles and how they can best add value to their jobs and the organization overall. Read More

7. The Employee Engagement Problem No One Is Talking About – The biggest issue when it comes to employee engagement is that organizations treat it as a one-time program and not an ongoing program. Read More

8. When Hiring Top Talent Is Critical, Employee Engagement Should Be, Too – With a changing work environment and workforce, it’s important for organizations to create fulfilling work experiences and learning opportunities. Read More

9. A One-Word Plan To Boost Employee Engagement – Feedback and appreciation are vital when to comes to increasing employee engagement levels. Read More

10. Spark Engagement Through Cultural Values – From authenticity to collaboration, various organizational values foster better work cultures of engagement. Read More