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Engagement Weekly: Building an Accountable Culture

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into knowing why leaders leave companies, how to bring more accountability and less micromanaging into the workplace and the importance of leadership living the company culture.

Get the full stories below.

1. Why the Annual Review Process Damages Employee Engagement – Dominique Jones, Chief People Officer of Halogen, explains that performance management should have support from managers and timely feedback all year, not just once a year. Read More

2. When Your Leaders Leave, Do You Know Why? – From no new challenges to lack of trust, there are multiple reasons why leadership may leave their positions. Read More

3. Struggle to Stay on Task at the Office? A New Study Says You’re Not the Only One – According to a study published by Steelcase, one-third of workers from 17 of the world’s most important economies have the same office engagement problem. Read More

4. From Command-and-Control to Employee Engagement: How Tasty Catering Communicates Its Values – Part of a workplace culture revamp includes employees contributing core values for the organization to inherit. Read More

5. What Happens When Your Hiring Process Is Founded on Deceit? – Your organization’s hiring process should have updated job descriptions, good communication, consistent company branding and a clear set of core values in order to avoid deceiving job seekers. Read More

6. Leadership Is About Emotion – When leadership skills are honed and perfected, the more likely organizations will increase engagement and workplace culture. Read More

7. What the Most Successful People Know About Finding Career Happiness – It’s important for organizations to focus on cultivating intrinsic motivation with employees in the workplace in order to gain better engagement. Read More

8. Emotions Are Good For Leaders – And For An Organization’s Performance, Too – Part of workplace culture includes paying attention to human beings rather than skill sets. Read More

9. How to Hold Your Team Accountable (Without Micromanaging) – From setting clear expectations to openly discussing accountability, it will help employees feel more valued and engaged within an organization. Read More

10. 6 Ways to Build and Sustain an Engaging Company Culture – In order for engagement to thrive, it’s important for leaders to cultivate a sense of purpose and not only create a unique company culture, but live it. Read More