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Engagement Weekly: Why Office Culture and Social Capital Matter

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how corporate culture influences employee engagement, simple ways to boost engagement without breaking the bank and how engagement affects the customer service industry.

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1. Do You Know Who Holds Your Office Together? – In order to value those in the office, managers need to identify the hard work, understand its impact and find ways to assign value to employees. Read More

2. Great Employee Engagement Starts as Soon as the Hire is Made – Onboarding and company culture should be welcoming to new employees because it directly affects employee engagement. Read More

3. The Rise of the Unemployed Employee: How Airbnb Manages a New Kind of Corporate Culture – Corporate culture is obtainable no matter the industry when a vision is expressed along with collaboration and community building. Read More

4. Peers Hold Key to Employee Engagement, Not HR – According to Oracle, colleagues have a more positive effect on employee engagement levels at work than managers or HR. Read More

5. How Employee Connections Drive Better Engagement – When employees are satisfied and engaged, they use pronouns, like “we” while disengaged employees use “they” and don’t feel connected to the organization. Read More

6. ‘Happifying’ the Workplace with Employee Engagement – Companies should treat employee engagement less like a formula and instead, focus on soft factors that businesses usually ignore. Read More

7. 4 Ways You Can Create Better Employee Engagement – The first rule of employee engagement is knowing your audience. Read More

8. Employee Engagement 101: What to Do When a Juice Bar is Not an Option – Engagement tactics don’t have to break the bank. Instead be unique and meaningful to your organization. Read More

9. Employee Engagement: The Secret Ingredient You’re Probably Missing In Your Customer Experience Strategy – Employee engagement has a direct impact on customer service. Read More

10. Employee Engagement: Why Your Staff Aren’t Happy, Motivated or Productive – From lack of trust to poor performance management, there are many factors the play into poor employee engagement. Read More