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Engagement Weekly: What Employee Engagement Should Really Look Like

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the importance of investing in employees, the cost of interruptions in the workplace and 21 activities to help keep employee engagement tactics effective.

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1. Employee Engagement Equals Employee Satisfaction Right? Wrong – Organizations should strive for an engaged employee who is passionate about the work and not just a satisfied employee, who won’t go beyond what is asked of them. Read More

2. Earning Employee Respect: the First Key to Engagement – Employers need to understand the importance of building leadership, respect, pride, meaning and a positive work culture. Read More

3. Is Employee Engagement the Key to Customer Service Success? – A recent ICMI report surveying contact center leaders found that 99% believed agent engagement drives performance, yet only 7% claim employee engagement to be a top priority. Read More

4. Leadership and Employee Engagement – Leaders need to help employees care about their jobs so they can go above and beyond the job title and produce great work.

5. How to Invest in Employee Engagement to Drive Better Customer Experience – Engagement will grow when leaders create opportunities for employees to hear from customers, develop training for managers, cross-role employee connections and enable peer-to-peer recognition. Read More

6. 21 Employee Engagement Activities that Work – It’s important for employee engagement programs to continue to be effective and motivational. Read More

7. The Importance of Internal Corporate Transparency to Increase Employee Engagement – Internal transparency can increase work satisfaction and give meaning to the employee’s job title. Read More

8. Employee Engagement — How Does Your Business Measure Up? – Organizations should strive for a company culture that understands, builds systems and processes, empowers, engages, encourages, rewards and recognizes. Read More

9. Hold On. . . The Productivity and Employee Engagement Cost of Interruptions – Interruptions can create disconnect to employees’ creative, deep and innovative thinking. Read More