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Engagement Weekly: Managerial Influence on Employee Engagement

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how workplace engagement tactics differs for women and millennials, the managerial influence on employee productivity and the relationship between engagement and business revenue.

Get the full stories below.

1. Stop Using Employee Friendships to Measure Engagement – Companies should focus on office relationships that foster teamwork, not friendship. Read More

2. The Secret to Engaged Employees, Especially Women and Millennials – The key to future employee engagement includes understanding the needs of women and millennials in the workplace. Read More

3. What Truly Motivates Employees – Better employee motivation at work includes: peer motivation, career growth, strong work culture, interesting tasks and involvement. Read More

4. 5 Ways to Grow Revenue by Improving Employee Engagement – According to Hay Group, companies with high employee engagement can have 4.5 times greater revenue growth than other companies. Read More

5. 3 Reasons Your Company Needs Employee Engagement – Employee engagement can impact muliple areas of your business and as such, should be a priority among managers. Read More

6. Your Best Employee Role Model? It’s When You Have Active Engaged Managers – Manager/employee relationships and leadership have the most effect on employee engagement within a company. Read More

7. Transforming Wellness Behaviors: The Buzz on Employee Engagement – Improving employee engagement starts with change in workplace behavior. Read More

8. Lack of Employee Engagement is Killing Your Bottom Line: The Stats – Technology isn’t always a hinderance when it comes to employee engagement and can actually drive higher employee productivity. Read More

9. Six Ways Managers Ruin Employee Engagement – Managers have the power to make or break organizational employee engagement. Read More

10. How Employee Engagement Brings Workplace Wellness Together – Engagment levels can be increase when employees are a part of the organization’s wellness and benefits discussion. Read More