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Link’spiration™ December 26th – Our Favorite Things for 2014

Link'spirationLink’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

One of our designers has a saying on her whiteboard: We Help People Learn. She keeps it there to help her remember what we really do here. In fact, it represents our favorite thing here at Allen. Here is an inspiring story about the power of learning. Let it inspire you.

Unique Giving Story

At year’s end, there is always talk of what was trending and what will be trending. For us, we’d like to share a little of what we’ve been doing and what we’ll keep doing to help all our clients in their efforts to help their people learn.

Social: We are always taking the concept of water cooler talk and making it meaningful and accessible through training and performance support. There is a lot of innovation and work to be done in connecting portals and learning management systems to larger social platforms—we are ready for it.

Top 7 Social Trends 2014

Analytics: There is a lot of talk about talent and performance analytics. We are talking about it too. We have had breakthroughs with our clients this past year as we’ve designed portals to track and incentivize learners, and we are only getting started.

Ten 2014 Predictions for Learning and Technology

Information Design: It is not longer if, but when in the decision to take training mobile. We often recommend initial forays into mobile be for performance support. And in order to cater to all devices and all audiences (we make it look easy), we’ve been solving needs by incorporating responsive design into our layered performance support solution. But, we want to design for the experience, not just the device.

Accessibility Trumps Design – ASTD

Here is a great one for all of our current and future clients to be looking forward to: We are creating skill-building activities to better meet your needs. They will be adaptable across verticals and audience groups. Stay tuned for more information about the solutions we are building. We hope it will be one of your favorite things in 2014.

We wish you everything merry and bright for your holiday season.

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