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Ron Zamir Featured in The HR Director Magazine

I was recently given the opportunity to write an article for The HR Director magazine. As our economy heats up we need to grasp more and more opportunities to innovate for our clients, I chose to write about the state of training surrounding large ERP software systems. If you frequently read the Allen blog, you know that we’ve been voicing concerns about the outdated state of training for software systems. More needs to be done to raise awareness of the failure of see it, try it, do it in building user competency and adoption. As we’ve described in the past, approaches such as Systems Assure, help our clients make important choices about what to focus on in order to ensure better usage and adoption. An adoption program that closely integrates and moves the focus to:

  1. Change management communication
  2. Reduction of training time to focus on core activities that drive execution
  3. Maintaining expertise on the system as it evolves
  4. Gathering data by using your LMS and other end user monitoring technologies
  5. Secure funding for an infrastructure to support, remediate and hold your population to high performance
  6. Building an ROI based on real usage and performance metrics
  7. And of course working closely with your software integrator earlier on in the process (for example, during the blue printing phase)

All the above factors are often the dividing line between failure, that can cripple a business, and success that can truly take a business to the next level.

(Article first published in theHRDIRECTOR in April 2012. Reproduced with permission.)