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T-minus 20 days and counting

box with question mark icons27 years ago, Allen came into being when Rex and Steve Allen started looking for innovative methods to develop and deliver corporate training solutions customized to an organization’s needs. As part of that mission, technology played a crucial role. Over time, the Allen’s vision of innovation earned Allen Communication Learning Services a reputation as one of the most respected—and long-lived—developers of custom training solutions. Through it all, we’ve always focused on providing clients with the best vendor experience. Certainly, we want to help our clients be successful with their training initiatives. Even more, though, we also want them to look back fondly on their experience with us.

After essentially inventing the concept of video-based training, Allen led through the emergence of computer-based training and then e-learning. We saw ourselves creating electronic based courseware for clients at the same time we were creating instructor-led solutions. When people started throwing around terms like “blended learning,” we shrugged knowing we’d been delivering blended solutions to our clients from the get-go, because that’s what they were looking for. When our clients talked about the lack of simple-to-use authoring tools, we responded by developing software solutions that to this day people continue to seek out, even though we haven’t developed nor sold them for years. Why haven’t we sold them? Because our focus on clients always takes precedence, and as the market began to infill with viable authoring tools, the need for us to develop them for our clients went away.

In the meantime, we continued to develop innovate technology tools for use internally. True to our founding, we looked to technology for a more efficient and quick response to clients’ needs by developing project management tools delivered over the Web that ensure projects stay on time and on budget. Behind the scenes, we knocked out internal rapid development tools that would help us provide our clients highly-effective courseware at reasonable prices and quick turn-around times. And concerning SCORM and other electronic learning compliance issues, we developed tools and processes internally to address our clients’ needs. These are just a few of the areas of innovation we’ve been quietly expanding in the background—all with the goal of providing the ultimate client experience. It’s all part of our “never let a client down” mantra.

That said, over the last few years, we’ve noticed our clients keep requesting help with a specific area of technological innovation. I won’t say what it is—I don’t want to give away the secret! Suffice it to say, in response, we developed a solution for these clients, and we’ve been getting rave reviews. Feedback has included words like “amazing”, “easy,” and “awesome.” As more and more clients came to us looking for this solution, it only made sense that we release it to the public. So, over the last few months, we’ve been planning that release. Let this mark the formal countdown to May 1, the official launch date, and keep checking back for more information.

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