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Expect More! Looking for Innovations that Actually Matter?

Let Allen Remix Your Training

This year, at the Learning 2013 Conference, one of the industry’s premier annual events, we’re focusing on training innovations that actually impact results. We’ll share ground-breaking examples and strategies to remix your training for a media-saturated audience, helping you avoid training burnout and makeover stale web-based and instructor-led programs.

If you’re attending the conference this year, be sure to check out our session Expect More!: Remix your training Modes, Media & Design on Tuesday at 11:15 am. In it, Michael Noble, Allen’s Chief Learning Officer, and Ron Zamir, Allen’s CEO, will showcase unconventional and flipped strategies to explore new  

techniques for creating surprising training hybrids, like the instructor-led, app-based, physical simulation or the gamified story/tutorial-turned-social mentoring program.

If you are not attending, check back here often. Throughout the conference we’ll showcase actual examples and case-studies, as well as demonstrate how to create great training using our award-winning DesignJot app. Also, you can follow Allen on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook each day as we weigh-in on new ideas, strategies, and tools that have strong and immediate real-world applications. Contact us to see how Allen can help remix your training.

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Challenges – as we see it

Innovations in learning technology offer new models that move beyond traditional delivery modes to a more relevant, learner-centric layering of instructional approaches. And, while the technology is interesting, the real value depends on how it is used.

The challenge, of course, is figuring out which of these new approaches will work best for your audience, and then how  

to best implement them. To that end, we will share several case studies showing how others have dealt with these challenges. To demonstrate their effectiveness below are some remix approaches that offer a fresh take for a media-saturated, media-jaded audience.

Do any of the following apply to you?

Solutions – what we’ve done


A large internet consumer-to-consumer corporation faced a difficult challenge. They had an extremely diverse learning audience that wasn’t obligated to take any training.

To reach this difficult audience, we developed a “movie trailer” approach that quickly engaged and provided instructional value.




Essentially, the “movie trailer” method mandated that videos be no longer than a movie trailer (just over two minutes). To ensure content would hold the learner’s attention, we used a fast-paced style with high-quality visual elements that the public has become accustomed to seeing in top marketing campaigns, not training programs.


    being used to reach hundreds of thousands of site users

  • 107%

    revenue improvement achieved by customers over time

  • 3D

    product animations and a personalized planner


A financial professional association needed to update an important, revenue-generating product to make it more engaging and interactive.

So, we developed a true-to-life, interactive approach that was validated through a testing process to provide learners with the opportunity not only to learn but also to practice the required skills…




This testing played an important role in helping us create a final curriculum that not only met business and learning objectives, but also garnered a Gold Omni Award—the top industry recognition for “outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten.”

  • 1

    Gold Omni Award for engaging and empowering learners

  • True-to-Life

    interactive approach validated through testing

  • $

    revenue-generating product for the association


A large financial services company needed a compliance course but they also needed to change employee attitudes toward some of the new regulations.

We created a comic book theme that was completely different than any other compliance course previously offered…




The design gave learners a relatable character (Ted) and followed him through his adventures of learning and applying the compliance regulations. The format ensured that the most important and pertinent information was shared since it did not allow for lengthy text on screen and there was no audio. The thought and speech bubbles portrayed information in a way that made the audio unnecessary.

  • Adventure

    adventures of learning applied the compliance regulations

  • #1

    “This is one of the best courses that we have ever taken.”

  • Focused

    the most important and pertinent information was shared

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