We have learning consultants on staff. That’s all they do.

They’re not designers who consult, or training consultants who design. They’re real, live senior design consultants who get to know you in the pre-sales process to define your business goals, learner needs and begin to develop a solution custom-made for you.


Nate Chai
Vice President


Keith Gibson
Sr. Design Consultant


Jeri Larsen
Sr. Design Consultant

When one of our training consultants first meets with your team, we apply the ANSWER analysis to discover your audience, needs, strengths, weaknesses, existing expertise, and the results you want. We have to make sure we understand all of those pieces before defining a solution to give you the best training for your investment. Once proposed, the solution isn’t set in stone. We want you to be as proud of the training as we are, so we work with you closely to ensure the solution truly matches your business needs.

However, not every client comes in with a well-defined idea of their needs, weaknesses, or the results they want. Some clients may only be able to identify a few answers. Others may know there’s a problem, but want outside expertise to fill in the blanks and design the right training.

Just as our design is custom, our training consulting means the approach is also custom. Allen can help with everything—starting from a fully developed request to a vague idea of the need. 


A one- or two-day consulting session to build out and describe your needs before design starts.


A more complex training consulting process lasting a couple months. This is for clients who need to fully define their need before curriculum is designed or developed.


A robust, complex consultation that takes into account the dozens of variables, business units, learner types, and roles within your organization.

Once our consultants really understand your business needs and goals, our designers are brought into the consultation process to create a performance map. Based on the ANSWER analysis and the performance mapping process, we design the details of the solution in collaboration with your team.

If creative design and collaboration are important to you, we should talk.